Thursday, August 05, 2010


Some have you may remember the fascination I developed last year for the juggalos. Well, it hasn't faded. The infomerical for this year's "Gathering" is out and is as absurd as ever. Coolio and Gallagher at the same festival? Snap. And check out this news- juggalo culture has spread to Australia- I swear, I'm not responsible! (thanks for the link, Cupcake)

And now for something entirely different:

A travel article from the NYT about a guy traveling in Nicaragua with his parents. (thanks, Dan)


danimal said...

Why is Cupcake sending you links from Gawker?! I am very suspicious now.

eileen said...

It must have come up when he did his daily Google News search on juggalos.

J.R. said...

Wow... Juggalos. How did we survive in the Midwest for four years? Do you feel like probably every person in Boatclub is now a Juggalo? I'm going to wager yes.

buddymollys said...

holy crap!

that "miracles" song is GOLD! i mean:
"f-in' magnets, how do they work? and i don't wanna hear from no scientist y'all motherf*ckers lyin', making me pissed!" oh, and "magic everywhere in this bitch" how can you top that?!
i'm still laughing:)

eileen said...

see, now do you understand why i can't get enough of the juggalos?