Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quitting in style

Did you hear about the JetBlue flight attendant's dramatic exit? Fantastic. (except for the fact he may end up in jail...but maybe the chance to pull the emergency slide was worth it)

And now this story about a girl who quits her job via messages on a dry erase board that she emails to the office. I'm pretty sure it's fake (the girl looks WAY too much like one of those beautiful models who don a ponytail and glasses so they can play a misfit in a high school movie), but it's still pretty entertaining.

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Suldog said...

I'm with the guy on cursing out the passenger, but pulling the emergency slide exit was, as mentioned in the story, actually dangerous and possibly harmful to others. What I'd really like to find out is if any other passengers - even one - said a word to the rude passenger in trying to back up the attendant's request. Now THAT would be heroic.