Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things I found in my boyfriend's record collection

Many years ago in Australia, a teenage D collected records. I recently had the good fortune to peruse this gem of collection, which is essentially a treasure trove of 1980s nostalgia and hilarity. Here are photos we took of my ten favorites:

10. My sister Kerry had this on cassette and it ruled.

9. You know, I still dig Huey Lewis.

8. Bette Midler and the cure on the same album? Throbbin'!

7. Some music from this decade did age well.

6. Others, not so much. And now I have "Shake Your Love" stuck in my head.

5. D claims that Wham and Debbie Gibson belonged to his sister...

4. But he fully admits to purchasing the Dream a Little Dream soundtrack.

3. And now for something gayer than Wham- the English techno group Man to Man performing their club classic "Male Stripper." I love the cover art on this one...what goes well with shirtless men smoking? I know! The Leaning Tower of Pisa!

2. The first time was a great time, the second time was a blast...

and finally,

#1. U Can't Touch This.


Dean said...

I never claimed that Debbie Gibson belonged to my sister. She was HAWT! And she just couldn't shake my love.

Now as for WHAM, that is a different story.

Dean said...

Oh, and MC Hammer was my sister's too. I'm sure she'll vouch for this... well... I think she will.

eileen said...

and here's one more-
the 2 Live Crew!

I felt weird about having the P word so prominently displayed on my blog, but it is a classic album in certain circles.

Dean said...

Oh, and not to harp, but Man 2 Man were from NYC.

And also, NKOTB was another of my sister's jewels.

danimal said...

Dream A Little Dream Soundtrack on vinyl???!!! What a gem!! Rock on!!!

jay said...

If it was Huey Lewis "Sports" you would have gotten major props as that might be the best album ever..

Colann said...

You know I love all these albums!! 80's RULE!!!

Suldog said...

Well, none of those are in MY collection, but a couple of them could have been (especially the Whitesnake, since David Coverdale was a Deep Purple alumnus.)