Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blogging is the new black

The archbishop of Boston, Carndinal Sean O'Malley, has a blog. He even says LOL. (but not OMG). Comments are allowed, which surprised me, although I'm assuming that someone is closely monitoring them. Obviously, the content focuses on Catholic religion, but there are some more personal posts, like photos from the Cardinal's recent trip to Rome. I think it's pretty cool- we tend not to think of priests and other clergy as actual people, people who have real friends and take pictures of themselves in front of famous monuments.

Another blog I've been enjoying lately is This Is Framingham, all about life in my hometown. The author posts reviews about many local restaurants and businesses, even stopping in the Happy Swallow. It's very entertaining for natives like me, because she seems to make a point of stopping inside the hokiest looking stores, the ones I drove by for years without ever entering, like the stores in the "Sad Plaza."

On a somewhat related note, why did no one tell me that The Rock was filming a movie in Framingham? I so would have stalked him.

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