Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Played soccer and then headed out for beers at the Linwood Grill in Fenway. My teammates and I came up with a plan called the Tour of Boston. After every game, we will go to a bar in a different neighboorhood in Boston. Next stop, Southie.

Went to work, watched a bit of the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game, then headed down to southern Mass. with Ern, Maria, and Jenny for an.... ummm..... unusual sort of party organized by my friend Colann and her friend Steph. First, we met up at a Yoga studio where Steph works, and she taught us a hour long yoga lesson. I'm not much of a yoga person and I tend to avoid group classes at the gym, partly because I prefer to run, bike, swim, or lift and partly because I know that I would be the only true "beginner" in any beginner level class, and I'm horribly bad at synchronizing my movements with a roomful of people. I can't even do the electric slide. This time, however, I enjoyed the lesson. It was relaxing but a workout at the same time, and it was just our group, so I didn't have to worry about making an ass of myself in front of strangers. After the yoga, we headed back to Steph's house for a sex toy party. It was sort of like a tupperware party (not that I've ever been to one, but bear with me, people.) except with sex toys instead of tupperware. The first few products the salesgirl showed us were of the innocent variety: scented candles, lotions, beauty products. Then, she moved onto massage lotions, then edible massage lotions, and lastly, a frightening assortment of dildos, vibrators, and other naughty toys. (I hope this post doesn't unleash a torrent of nasty spam comments). Some of the products were hilarious, like remote control operated vibrating panties. For the record, I didn't buy anything scandalous.

Went to work (BO-ring), went out to lunch at Mike's City Diner, played soccer. Ern and I tried to go see The Departed, but it was sold out, so we had Thai food at Montien instead.


Tina said...

the fact that you bought something is a bit scandalous! Oh, and my resolution (resolutions aren't necessarily for new years) is to be more whore-ish. I'll keep you updated--but definitely not through your blog. =)

carmen said...

it never hurts to try some of those frightening toys! i have had a few myself and from those parties too!!

ern said...

geez eileen, since when is a gigantic glow-in-the-dark dildo not scandalous?? i'm glad i was in the other room praying the rosary.

eileen said...