Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Survival of the mediocre

My departmental seminar went well and the thesis committee meeting was much better than the last one (which from this point forward, will be referred to as The Train Wreck in my head, because I will probably never refer to it anywhere outside of my head). Whew. Don't get any ideas, though. I'm not graduating anytime soon.

So, here's some fun stuff:

Put it in a cake, Jake. 30 Ways to Eat a Pumpkin. Methinks I won't be trying the "Pumpkin Dump Cake" anytime soon, but the rest of the recipes sound good.
link via Max

Check out this hilarious prank Mrs. V pulled on a coworker.

Boston Blogtoberfest is only one day away! Hooray, dorks!


Jenny said...

Definitely hopray DORKS!

Jenny said...

especially dorks who can spell.....HOORAY.


see you tonight!

Tricia said...

I'm so glad your thesis meeting went well. As someone who is trying to write a master's thesis equivalent right this second, I can empathize just a little. I hope all continues to go well!

eileen said...

thanks, Tricia- good luck with yours!