Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- A college friend, Pat My Ryan, was in town, so we held the Pat My Dinner Party in his honor. The dinner party included copious amounts of wine, intellectual debates (Were the pies in the pie eating contest scene from Stand by Me blueberry or cherry? My answer, blueberry, has been verified.), and culminated in a late-night game of asshole.

Saturday- Once the wine hangover wore off, I worked all day, minus a taking long break to watch Notre Dame squeak by UCLA on a last-minute play by my favorite college receiver, Jeff Samardzija.

Sunday- My soccer team had a double header and, without any subs, lost two close and very physical matches. After the beating, I rented The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. The movie plot is very reminiscent of a Cormac McCarthy novel, in that it is a modern Western, set along the Texas-Mexico border. Tommy Lee Jones (who also directed the film) plays a rancher named Pete, who formed a close friendship with Melquiades, a Mexican ranch hand. When Melquiades get killed by a trigger-happy patrol guard, Pete kidnaps the guard, forces him to dig up the body, and the two of them travel on horseback to bury Melquiades in his hometown south of the border. I enjoyed the movie but it's definitely not for everyone; the violence and the rapidly decomposing corpse might be too much for some viewers. The scenery, acting, and realistic (if somewhat depressing) glimpse of life on the border combined to make a striking film.

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