Friday, February 16, 2007

V Day Party Recap

Due to the shite weather, we had a lower turnout to the party than we expected, but still had a good time. A bunch of my coworkers came, along with several friends of mine and Ern. For no good reason, Ern and I decided to dress like 50's housewives. We kept to the pink and red theme by serving rum punch, cosmos, and a delicious and easy-to-make champagne punch: 1 bottle champagne, 2L ginger ale, 1 package frozen strawberries, and a splash of grenadine. Guests entertained themselves by performing magic tricks with beer bottles and teaching the forgein scientists the middle school baseball terminology for makeouts (second base = boob touching, etc...).

The highlight of the party was the no hands cupcake eating contest, which was much more difficult that it sounds, especially if you start laughing and chunks of cupcake fly out of your mouth and you have to locate and continue eating them. Team Chocolate won, but they cheated, so Team Vanilla captured the true championship.

And because it's Friday and I'm in a good mood, here's a delightful love song for your downloading pleasure.

Queen of the Surface Streets, by Devotchka:

I don't need the money
I couldn't care
'Cause everything I want is standing right here
I would live on the street in a cardboard shack
Just to worship your feet and the curve of your back
You'll be my only preoccupation on a permanent vacation
Now I will move these rocks for you my love
I will tear them up out of the Earth
And I will bend my spine 'til it's quitting time
'Cause I know what your love is worth


ern said...

team chocolate cupcake won fair & square. team vanilla = wicked sore losers who don't chew fast.

incidentally, team alcohol won too. beat team sober. again. with it's secret weapon, the inappropriate tumbler-sized scotch nightcap.

Anonymous said...

I know this will be a stupid question once I know what happened but how does JR do it?? Therefore, I will not leave a name. HA!

eileen said...

JR is magic.
I think it has something to do with friction making the paint sticky.

LisaKate said...

Hey Eileen you know I wanted to be there!! And that is SOME magic!