Thursday, February 22, 2007

Odds and ends

I watched An Inconvenient Truth earlier this week. It's not quite what I expected (I was anticipating more of a Michael Moore-type documentary, and it is not like that at all.)- basically, it's a video of Al Gore giving a powerpoint presentation on global warming. It is, however, a very informative and interesting (as well as frightening) presentation. He is very convincing, because he relies on scientific data and presents it in a clear manner that makes it easy for the audience to understand. Anyone who gives presentations on technical topics would be impressed.

and now onto the frivolity.....

Something I hate...when someone asks to look at your cell phone and you have to try to slyly wipe off the face grease before you hand it to them. I never noticed it as much until I got the Razr- something about the wide, smooth, metallic surface is a magnet for face grease. Gross.

I don't like clowns much, either, but this is taking things too far. (Tragic, indeed, but I laughed out loud when I read the headline. So will you. See you in hell.)

Lastly, for the past couple of weeks there has been a HUGE spike in the number of people looking at my blog (I can track it using Google Analytics) and I just figured out why. People googling Ralph Fiennes and spelling his name wrong (Ray Fines) are all getting sent to this boring post of mine. Like, hundreds of people. Why is everyone googling Ralph Fiennes all of the sudden? Oh, because a stewardess was fired for initiating him into the Mile High Club. DIRTY!


Rob said...

Wait ... this isn't the Ralph Fienne's Fan Club?


Anonymous said...

here's an unrelated request for travel advice...if you and your friend (let's call her "liz") were taking 2 weeks' vacation in may, going to japan for 1 week to visit a friend, where would you go for the other week?


eileen said...

Rob, that was funny.

I would be torn between spending the second week in a vacation-y place like Hawaii or a more adventurous place like China, South Korea, or Vietnam. North Korea...not so much. But i've never been to Asia so maybe someone else can give you better advice.

"Liz" said...

Yea- we are thinking more like another spot in asia but I think its all far apart so we are wondering what is feasible.

"Liz" again said...

Oy! and I bet your Ray Fines post taught the errant googler how to actually spell his name. Eileen, you are educating the bad-spelling-masses with your blog!

Tina said...

I feel like I have authority for to answer liz's question--for no reason, other than the fact that I'm Asian.

If you want historic/touristy things with great cheap/sketchy food (yummy) and tons to do, I'd say hop over to Beijing.

If you want something chill and beautiful, check out Guilin and take a cruise along the Yangtze river.

Hainan (island off the southern coast of China) is considered the Hawaii of China. Not true.

I've never been but I heard Harbin (northern china) is quite beautiful and interesting. They say they have the purest mandarin accent there--not that you would know or appreciate it.

If you decide to go to SoK (that's South Korea for those of you not in the know) or TaWa (Taiwan), let me know (errr...through Eileen's blog?!?), I have friends who know the area well.

I feel that this is my contribution to the blog because eileen helped me with my interest rates. I'm paying forward <--Lame!!