Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Report: Black Eye Edition

I had a fun weekend, up to my usual antics- meeting up with friends, playing soccer, watching movies. Watched the Oscars (Good show, huh? I liked Ellen as a host and thought the Will Ferrell song was hilarious. Could have done without Celine, though. And all of the flesh-toned and grey dresses. I did like Penelope Cruz's though. Isla Fisher did it right in a deep green dress. Flesh tones wash everyone out. How jealous is Beyonce over Jennifer Hudson's success? Very, I bet. And how fabulous does Helen Mirren look for her age? Okay, that's enough.) .
I got a black eye.

Guess how?

A. Slipped on ice and landed on my face.
B. Banged my forehead on the kitchen counter while sneezing.
C. Slammed into the wall playing indoor soccer.
D. Lost my balance and fell while removing my shoes.
E. Fisticuffs!
F. I have no recollection.


Kim said...

My guess is on C and E.

C. Slammed into the wall playing indoor soccer.
E. Fisticuffs!

Robert said...

I'mma guess B.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but I hope it wasn't A. That happened to some kid here in MN. Freak accident: he slipped on the ice, was knocked out cold, and was found frozen to the sidewalk. There's no happy ending to this one either. Sad actually.
Anyway, I'm going to insult you and say it was D.

Anonymous said...

I sat fisticuffs, with John Mayer and Brigita!

ern said...

i know the real answer. eileen, two words:

Robert said...

Wait wait wait ... was NOT one of the possible choices. I declare shenanigans.


Tricia said...

I'm guessing D or A. I fell off my bike on my way to work last month on a very frosty morning. That frozen stuff is very dangerous!

KcM said...

F. It's the most mysterious.

J.R. said...

OK... OK... Eileen was actually defending my honor. and I will have you know, that had I had any in the first place, it would still be intact thanks to the fightin-fisticuffs of Eileeno!

Frances said...

I am guessing slipped on the ice and landed on your face. I am sorry to admit...that exact scenario has happened to me! I had a shiner for, like, 8 days!

Tina said...

All my money is on B. That's right, world, all $7.25/hour of it.