Sunday, February 11, 2007

Southie backyard of death

This afternoon, I saw a hawk eating a seagull it had killed in my backyard. Simultaneously gross and fascinating. I crept as close as I dared and took a picture with my zoom lens. I was afraid that if I got any closer, the hawk would think I was going after his lunchtime snack and try to gouge my eyes out.
I wonder if the hawk had already found the previous deceased resident of the backyard.


Maria said...

That's a great photo. 597 has experienced several deceased animals. I think Sasha killed a bird or two outside and a couple of mice indoors.

eileen said...

Yeah, it's turning into a regular urban wildlife cemetery.

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much this hawk would go for rot. A sharpie, looks like one, will kill its prey in flight, and bring it down to eat it. A pigeon has no chance in the air for this hawk!