Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ralph Fiennes, aka Ray Fines

I watched two Ralph Fiennes movies this weekend, and I also learned how to pronounce his name correctly (hint: it's not phonetic). The first was The Constant Gardener, which I didn't like very much. I won't spoil it, but the basic plot is that the activist wife of a British diplomat finds out about some shady dealings by a pharmaceutical company testing a new drug for tuberculosis in Africa. The love story between Fiennes (the diplomat) and Rachel Weisz (the wife) wasn't believable at all, and although I suspect one is supposed to admire and sympathize with the wife character, she came across as a manipulative biatch. And I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories in general.
In contrast, I finally saw The English Patient and really liked it. I had read the book a while ago and enjoyed it, and the film, although altered from the book, did it justice.

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