Thursday, September 22, 2005

White Stripes rock the Opera House

I saw the White Stripes show at the Opera House last night, and they rocked. I think my neighbor Peadar summed it up best: "fucking brilliant!" (Those Irish people swear a lot.) The variety and volume of music they create is rather astounding for a group with only two members. In addition to singing, Jack played guitar, bass, banjo, piano, and a giant xylophone, and Meg played the drums, some bells, and joined Jack singing on "Little Ghost." Jack wore some crazy red outfit and a hat he must have borrowed from Kid Rock, and Meg looked hott in black leather pants. The show lasted for a couple of hours and they hit most of my favorite songs, except for one- they didn't play "My doorbell" from the new album. I'm thinking about my doorbell, Jack, when you gonna sing it? Jon, however, saw the same show and does not worship at the church of Jack and Meg like I do. Although the show was grand, I would have preferred to see them at a smaller venue, but those are the breaks, as they say. Doesn't everyone always prefer to see their favorite bands in smaller venues? Assigned seating can be so stifling sometimes.

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mj said...

I'm not surprised Jon didn't like the show, what do expect from someone who likes Hanson.