Wednesday, September 07, 2005

List #5....Funniest Movies

This morning, a couple of my coworkers asked me for suggestions for funny movies, and I thought of two right away, Wayne's World and Dazed and Confused. I considered the fact that these might be my favorite funny movies due to some sort of nostalgia factor (they both came out when I was in high school), so I found this list containing the American Film Institute's 100 Funniest Movies, which I think are all pre-2000. There were some classic choices on there, a few that were a bit off (The Graduate? A great movie, but not exactly funny ha-ha) plus a lot of older movies I haven't seen. For the record, here are my top ten funniest movies:
  1. Wayne's World
  2. Dazed and Confused
  3. Mallrats
  4. Zoolander
  5. Tommy Boy
  6. Animal House
  7. Coming to America
  8. Raising Arizona
  9. Annie Hall
  10. Office Space


Anonymous said...

Missing a few biggies on there...Old School, Meet the Parents...

Kel said...

I never thought Old School was that funny. I guess it's just me, b/c my boss seems to quote it about every other day.

Meet the Parents, however, does have MANY laugh out loud moments. Plus, I giggle everytime I say "Gaylord Fokker" aloud. Too bad the sequel sucked...

eileen said...

I'm not so hot on Old School either. It was okay, but no Wayne's World. The naked streaking part was funny, though.

Hippster said...

I agree that Old School is overrated, although the line about going to Bed, Bath & Beyond (if they have time) is a classic.

I could watch Airplane! all day, and I would also put Honeymoon in Vegas on there.

eileen said...

Airplane! is hilarious and should have made the list. I've never seen Honeymoon in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Dazed and Confused and Office Space are all time classics. Good choices. How about This is Spinal Tap?

tara d. said...

zzzzzzzzzzz to old school, agreed. at one of the shows i'm in, you're on a red or blue team with two other people. if i hear another dude in the audience say "you're my boy, blue" at a show to the blue team, there may be bloodshed.

also, i saw this movie on dvd while i was in a failure relatio, and it makes my skin crawl thinking about it.

take that, old school!