Thursday, September 22, 2005

TV commentary

First, the good: the new Chris Rock show, Everybody Hates Chris, is supposedly hilarious. Chris Rock's comedy cracks me up, but not as much as the Simpsons episode when Ned Flanders goes to a Chris Rock show thinking it's a Christian Rock concert. "Well sir, I never heard a preacher use the M-F word so many times."

Now, the bad: Am I the only one who found Rock Star: INXS to be in very poor taste? Here's the premise- a few years after lead singer Michael Hutchence kills himself, his bandmates have a reality show in which they search for his replacement. Yeah, really sorry about the tragic, untimely death and all, but hey, we're getting the band back together! In a reality TV format! What's next- Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are going to search for a replacement for Kurt Cobain? Or a SeaQuest reunion show where aspiring young actors try out for the Jonathan Brandis part?


Anonymous said...

You know I used to like INXS, like back in middle school, but this stunt is really in poor taste and pathetic.

pbj said...

for reals - they weren't kidding when they said "every single one of us the devil insiaayaiaiad! (ohhhh yeaa na nah na na na nah naaahh!) or was that duranduran? shit.

Anonymous said...

TLC is doing it too