Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Boston to start tracking keg purchases

The city has plans to implement a new keg-tracking policy designed to curtail the rowdy parties that coincide with the return of thousands of undergrads to the Boston area each fall. Under the new legislation, liquor stores would be required to report the name, address, and date of birth of anyone who purchases a keg to the local police.

Boston police Capt. William B. Evans, head of the D-14 district in
Allston-Brighton, said the measure would let cops stay a step ahead of the troublemakers. ``It lets us target what possibly problem houses we might flag,''
Evans said. ``Sometimes you go in there and there are two, three, four kegs.''

Two, three, four kegs? Oh, the humanity! Rest assured, the long arm of the law will not dissuade resident troublemakers of 597 East Broadway from purchasing multiple kegs for the annual St. Patrick's Day bash.
Link courtesy of Bostonist.


stalker said...

i know your name, your roommate's name and now i know where you live.

eileen said...

hah! good thing i used a phony address.

stalker said...

we'll see. i'll stop by and see if it is your correct address. does 3 am sound good to you?