Thursday, September 01, 2005


I won tickets from WFNX to see the band Stellastarr* last night at the Middle East. It was a good show and the fact that it was free made it even better. The Information, a good local nad opened the show. We were standing right in front of three FNX djs the whole time, so it was funny to see people who are normally only heard. Stellastarr* mostly played stuff from their new album, but did play last year's hit "My Coco" as their encore. Their set was briefly interrupted when some drunk buffoon ran onstage and made a beeline for the attractive female bassist. He was quickly apprehended and tossed out the back door, but I felt bad for the girl, it must have been pretty unsettling for her.

For those of you in Boston, Cake is playing a free concert at City Hall Plaza this Saturday, from 5-8PM.

*The asterisk is part of Stellastarr*'s name and does not indicate anything, but I never fail to look down whenever I see it written. Lemming.

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eileen said...

whoops, nad = band. but i thought it was funny so i left it. Go nad!