Thursday, September 01, 2005

List #3...Favorite American cities

1. Boston. (obviously)
2. New Orleans. I love your delicious food, your fun bars, your friendly people with those strange accents, your voodoo shops, and the way you make me feel like I'm in another country. Get well soon.
3. San Francisco. Beautiful scenery with a funky vibe.
4. Miami. What can I say? I love the nightlife. Electric boogie.
5. San Diego. Sunshine, beaches, and Mexican food, without all the smog. Stay classy.
6. Chicago. A big, fun, city where there's always something to do. The best of the Midwest.
7. Philadelphia. Cheesesteaks. Allen Iverson. Bizarre new year's day parades.

As a corollary, and I do expect to catch some flak for this (especially from all those Seattle-lovers):
List #4...least favorite American cities
1. Seattle. Crappy weather and expensive coffee? Thanks, but no thanks.
2. Washington, D.C. I know it's the nation's capital and all, but this city has no soul.


Jess C said...

NYC didnt make either list? Most people have a love or hate, or love-hate relationship with the city! Eileen, i think you need to visit us this fall for some fun again!

eileen said...

I do like NYC, and yes, I think I'm overdue for a visit :)

Kel said...

Come on, 6?!?!?! We're at least better than San Diego and Miami!! Have you been since Millenium Park? How about the outdoor film festival and concert series? And the new Soldier Field? Ok, that was a downgrade. Well, just wait until the Riverwalk gets done (if it ever finally gets done), I bet that'll move us on up...

eileen said...

If it wasn't for those long winters, Chicago would definitely be #4.