Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Highlights

Although a lousy Friday did put a damper on the weekend, there were some highlights:
  • Got to hang out with Eri and her boyfriend Ryan, who were visiting for the weekend.
  • Reclaimed my place at the Kids' Table at family events
  • Watched Notre Dame beat Michigan, 17-10. ND is now ranked #10 in the AP poll. Offensive lineman Dan Santucci had some nice blocks; he's the younger brother of Eri's Marquette roomate Laura "Tucc" Santucci.
  • Bought a pair of running shoes for $25 at the New Balance Factory Store
  • Put both of my credit cards in a glass of water and stuck it in the freezer as a method to help curtail my significant credit card debt. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
  • Found out that Ben Affleck was one of the kids in Voyage of the Mimi. I wonder if he played the boy who got hypothermia and had to get naked in a sleeping bag with two of the other boys to raise his body temperature. Or maybe he was the one who got sick from drinking salt water, until they made that contraption to collect condensation and use it as drinking water. Voyage of the Mimi ruled.


Amanda said...

I loved voyage of the mimi! we had a big inflatable humpback whale in my classroom....captain granville and all the others..wasn't there a blind girl? my friends and i made up our own voyage of the mimi song

Carolyn said...

yeah kids table!