Friday, September 23, 2005

Recent observations

Drinking several gin and tonics on a weeknight is a Very Bad Idea. But damn, it's fun, especially when an old friend is in town. No, he doesn't look like that anymore.

Married people should be required to wear their wedding rings. A wedding ring is the difference between "He's a nice guy." and "He's a nice guy, but I wonder if the fact that he tucks his t-shirt in at the gym indicates some sort of fundamental incompatibility between us."

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tara d. said...

i've never noticed wedding rings in my life. i think it's because i've been involved in very liberal relationships, where a ring can be placed anywhere or nowhere at all, if you choose.

recently, though, i have noticed them. all the corporate comedy things i go on i typically travel alone, and dudes are everywhere. i've not only noticed that smarmier men aren't wearing them, i've noticed that they notice i'm NOT wearing one, and so on. i'd LOVE to try an experiment: wearing one for a day and see if it makes me more or less appealing to them.

once i figure out a control group, maybe i'll do this experiment someday.

in fact, i know i will.