Monday, July 16, 2007


The Princess Bride came out 20 years ago- here's a Then and Now slideshow of the stars. Westley, what happened?
I remember seeing that in the theater with my mom and my sisters. We didn't go to the movies very often as children. These are the only movies I can recall seeing in the theater:

1. The Princess Bride, which we LOVED.

2. An American Tail, from which we had to leave early because my sister Eri, who was six at the time, began sobbing uncontrollably when Fievel got washed overboard. This may partly explain why we didn't go to the movies very often.

3 and 4. A boy my age lived next door and I used to be the only girl at his birthday parties. Two years in a row, his parents brought a group of us to the movies. We saw Starman one year, and Follow That Bird the next. I think there was a naked scene in Starman.

5. Moonstruck. My mom went out-of-town (a very rare occurrence), so my dad took us to a movie that he wanted to see, without pausing to determine whether it was suitable for children. I remember being sort of afraid of Nicolas Cage, and thinking that the whole thing was boring, and I didn't really understand the plot (probably because I was more accustomed to the likes of Follow That Bird). However, I watched it again more than a decade later, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so no harm done. Although wooden hands still sort of creep me out.


maria said...

Growing up we never went to the movies either but for some strange reason my dad took the whole family to see Moonstruck. It didn't take long before he decided it wasn't appropriate for kids and he made us all leave. On another occasion, he took my brother and I to see Top Gun and he covered my eyes during the sex scene but didn't cover my brother's eyes.

Frances said...

Sadly, the first movie I ever saw in theaters was The Lion King in 1994. Yeah...I was 17. I was a Senior. Maybe that explains why I go all the time now?!

J.R. said...

my parents slippe up and took us to a fish called wanda when i was like 8. I was utterly confused the whole time, but thought kevin kline was brilliant in the scene where he smells his own armpits.

eileen said...

MJ, I think it's hilarious that both of our fathers brought us to Moonstruck, with opposite results. A Fish Called Wanda seems like another movie my dad would have brought us to. To which my dad would have brough us. Grammar.

Frances- wow!