Monday, July 30, 2007

The Police at Fenway Park

Last night, under a full moon, I saw The Police perform at Fenway Park. It was great! Sting's voice sounded amazing, and he's probably the only man in his 50s that can look sexy in a white v-neck t shirt. They played a Greatest Hits set, starting off with "Message in a Bottle" and closing with "King of Pain," "So Lonely", and "Every Breath You Take," coming back on stage one last time for "Next To You." I'm still impressed by the sheer volume of sound they can produce from only three people. If I didn't already know that they all hate each other, I wouldn't have been able to tell, but the three musicians stuck to the music and didn't interact much with each other. My only minor complaints are that they didn't play any of their faster, punkier stuff like "Fall Out" or "Landlord," and they played slower versions of a lot of their tunes, speeding up only for the chorus. The Fenway acoustics aren't bad, but on a couple of songs, the echo was a bit distracting, but that's probably because of where we were sitting. Obviously, it would have been great to see The Police in their heyday, before Sting got all calm and tranquil, but considering that I was seven when they broke up, I'm glad I had the opportunity to see them live in this latest reincarnation. Here are some photos and the Boston Globe review:

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Liz said...

We missed you this weekend! The show sounded like a fun time though. Hope to see you soon!