Monday, July 30, 2007

Hope springs eternal

Could the Celtics have actually pulled off a trade to get Kevin Garnett?

If this is true, I am THRILLED! I'm not looking forward to reading all the columns whining about giving up Al Jefferson tomorrow. He's a good player and a nice kid, but fans have suffered through too many seasons waiting for young talent to develop. Do you know what I am looking forward to? Besides dangling prepositions? Watching a winning Celtics team again!

The East sucks. The KG-PP-RA combo is going to be great.


Anonymous said...

Another case of MN not being willing to pay to give him enough support to win a championship. We like our sports mediocre around here. Enjoy him. He's fun to watch. I'm jealous and sad but hope he wins a ring.

KcM said...

They'll be great...for a year or two at most. Still, they'll definitely have a window in the crappy, crappy East, which is more than what they had yesterday.

eileen said...

I'm really happy about the trade. KG has always been one of my favorite players- a superb athelete and a fiery competitor. I agree that the new big three are getting up there in the years, but it's worth it to have the Celtics as legitimate contenders again.

J.R. said...

holy crap... when did "getting up there in years" become basically the same age as me? depressing. What's not depressing is that i think this trio is gonna carry the celts to a finals.