Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Report

My last weekend of freedom before my new Diligence and Productivity Plan goes into effect was quite an eventful one.

Friday- Maria and I rode the Fire Bus to NYC, and everything went smoothly, except for the fact that we were sitting behind a disgusting public make-out couple. Barf. When we finally made it to the city, we met up with our friends at a German bar for Liz's birthday celebration. The party was already well underway, complete with giant beer steins, plastic barrettes, and Wet and Wild lipstick. Around midnight, we headed to Alphabet Lounge, for a long night of dancing to 80s music. Here's the birthday girl, and in case you're wondering, that's not a cigarette in her hand, it's a push pop.
I don't know if it was because our group was especially rowdy, or if people in New York are more outgoing than Bostonians, but all night long, strangers kept approaching us to chat and buy us drinks. The funniest part was that they all thought we were college students. And one guy asked Liz if she was on her honeymoon. (I think he meant bachelorette party.) Strange, considering that we are obviously mature professionals.
Saturday- Slept in until noon, then after a brief recovery period, Maria, Amanda, and I met Liz for brunch. Then, it was back on the Fire Bus to Boston. I was exhausted when I got home, so I camped out on the couch and watched Next Stop Wonderland.
Sunday- My niece Nora turned two, so her parents threw her an official kid birthday party, with chips, soda, hot dogs, cake, ice cream sundaes, and a backyard sprinkler. We had some Irish cousins in town whom I had never met, so it was fun talking to them, and the kids fit right in at the party. We also learned that my father is not familiar with the younger generation of Sesame Street characters, because the thought that Elmo was a lobster. Sunday night, I went to trivia at the 21st Amendment, and although we didn't win, I did correctly identify Henry Winkler's alma mater because he was the graduation speaker for Kevin and Karen. Overall, a very busy and very fun weekend.


J.R. said...
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eileen said...

Best line of the night, in NYC:

"Excuse me, did you go to NYU?"

Liz said...

So much fun! Thanks again for coming down to play. oh 30....

eileen said...

Liz, I had a great time! So glad i made the journey.

Kevin said...

Glad to hear that you got Henry Winkler's alma mater right. Unfortunately, though, the Fonz spoke in '98, not '99. We had Kofi Annan booked until he pulled out at the last minute. Our wonderful replacement? Wait for it ... David Gergen. Now go Google him.

Eileen, we were hanging with a lot of Notre Damers this past week in Chicago area. This area is simply crawling with them.