Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Went to a cookout/birthday party for one of my grad school friends. The hosts were from Argentina and make the BEST empanadas. Mmmmm.

Saturday- Played in an all-day soccer tournament. My team did well early on and handily won our first two games, but we ended up getting outplayed and losing in the semi-finals. This was after an intense rain and thunderstorm that had us huddled under a tent with a sweaty men's team for about an hour. The rain and winds were so strong, and the lightning too close for comfort, that people were actually hiding in the port-a-potties to avoid the storm. I opted to take my chances with the lightning and sought shelter underneath a tent supported by aluminum poles. A couple of former teammates who now live in New York came back for the tournament, so it was great to play with them again. After the tournament, I felt like someone had whaled on me with a baseball bat (in addition to the normal bumps and bruises, I was blasted in the face with a corner kick), so I cancelled all of my plans and spent the evening napping on the couch.
Sunday- Woke up, did some errands, and now I'm in the lab, catching up on some work. And tonight I'm going to see the Police at Fenway Park! An event of such magnitude warrants its own post.

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