Thursday, October 11, 2007

Belated Weekend Report

Busy week at work....but here are some photos from last weekend. Friday night, my roommate Ern hosted a fabulous birthday party for me at a candlepin bowling alley near our apartment in Southie. I'd link to it, but it doesn't have a website. It was a great time, even with that weird bowling alley smell. Here are a few photos. Since I didn't get a good one of me with Ern, I will substitute one of me with her brother, because according to one of my co-workers, "They look alike and they both talk like pirates."

Maria and Jamie gave me the most
creative gift. Because I had griped about being broke, single, and still in school, MJ gave me a scratch ticket, signed me up for speed dating, and made me a diploma. Jamie even redesigned the Sideways movie poster.

After the bowling party, we hit a couple of local bars and celebrated Manny's winning home run. (my friend Jen always celebrates baseball with a glass of white zin. Hey, I don't judge.)
On Saturday, my college roommate Jossy, who was in town visiting, and I spent the day lying on the couch, interrupted by brief bouts of activity: family lunch, a trip to the nail salon, and Ethiopian dinner with Ern and Caro at Addis Red Sea. (so good! I ended up going back there last night with my uncle and his girlfriend...who are vegans and loved all of the vegetarian options.)

The fun continued on Sunday- Jossy, Nikki, Meg, and I headed to Gillette Stadium to watch the Patriots defeat the Browns. Man, the Patriots are so good this year that even in a game when they don't play very well (like last Sunday), the opposition still never even had a chance. We tailgated (marinated chicken and turkey kielbasa...high class.), enjoyed the game, exchanged words with an idiot Browns fan, who walked into a trash barrel while she was trying to intimidate us, and did some more birthday celebrating.

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend- thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate or sent their birthday greetings!


S said...

Paper score keeping? I didn't know that still existed!

ern said...

arghhh!! glad you had a great bday eileeno! timm and i decided that yes, we do kind of talk like pirates...weird.