Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Drove up to Maine to visit Jason and Sarah. We decided to skip the Bangor club scene and went to the Sea Dog Brewery for food and beers. The food was standard pub fare, but the beer was most delicious.

Saturday- Went out to breakfast, then toured some local sites. Bangor is a very pretty area, and we had a perfect sunny fall day. I'll skip some of the details, since Jason blogged all about it, but here are some photos. Jason's aunt breeds horses, so we stopped by for a visit. The next stop was the Paul Bunyan statue. Babe was noticeably absent.

Then, we opted for some celebrity stalking and drove by Steven King's house (on the left). The photo on the right shows the home of two less creepy Bangor residents, Sarah and Jason.

Sunday- Attended the baptism of my new goddaughter, Maya. Maya's mom Kim gave me my birthday present- my very own Dunkin' Donuts coffee table book! A while ago, I wrote about one of my business ideas- a coffee table book that features pictures of people drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee. Unbeknownst to me, Kim decided to make one for my birthday and got a bunch of my friends (including several DCOE commenters) to send her photos of them with Dunkin' Donuts. It came out great, and I am stunned that nobody accidentally spoiled the surprise.
Sunday night I had dinner with my parents and sister Kerry at Legal Test Kitchen. I hadn't been there yet and really liked it. Our waitress was awesome, the prices were more reasonable than I expected, and the food was excellent. I had a spicy Spanish paella that was about 80% seafood. Mmmmm. After dinner, I headed to the Paradise to see Jose Gonzalez, an Argentinian from Sweden who sings in English. So, yes, quite a busy day.

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