Monday, October 08, 2007

Interspecies Friendship Alert!

Golden retriever nurses orphaned kitten. Everybody say "Awwwww..." (via Rob)

And for all of you graduate students out there, the New York Times recently ran an article on the lengthy quagmire that is graduate school. average of 8.2 years? The hard science track is quite different from the soft sciences and humanities...first of all, it's a smidgen briefer (average is more like 6.2), plus, the actual writing of the dissertation is more of an afterthought and not the major hurdle- it's the experimental data and journal publications that matter, and they take a combination of time, effort, and luck to generate.


J.R. said...

yeah i saw that also and was thinking "8.2 years?? holy shit!!" good thing we're not soft scientists like buddah...phew!

Jenny said...

That pic is cute. Also, that birthday entry/pic? LAUGHED OUT LOUD. haha Happy belated Birthday!