Friday, October 26, 2007

There's only one Blogtober

Last night, I attended the second Blogtoberfest, organized once again by our fearless leader, Jenny. I had a great time- there were a ton of people there, and everyone was incredibly friendly. Maybe this is what it's like to go out to a bar in Kansas.... "Hi! My name is Eileen. Nice to meet you!"...except everyone believes in evolution.

*warning, linkfest ahead*

Although I didn't circulate much from my station right between the food and the bar, I did get the opportunity to meet and chat with several bloggers, like Sarah who is hilarious and awesome and I love both of her blogs. Her cooking blog features many pumpkin recipes in addition to Adventures in Odd Meats. I chatted briefly with occasional commenter Tom and got to meet his girlfriend Samantha, also a blogger, who didn't seem too weirded out by the fact that I knew a lot about her. "Oh, you recently moved here and you work in transplants, right?" My hobbies include blogging...and stalking! The big star of the evening was Adam, the mastermind behind Universal Hub, a website that compiles the best of Boston Blogland and is frequented by most of the bloggers in the area. The last post of mine that Adam linked to was the petri dish experiment, which led to the following exchange:

Ulli: You seem familiar to me. How do I know you?
Me: Maybe from Universal Hub?
Ulli: I'm the one who got dumped in a text message!
Me: I'm the one who spit on a petri dish!

Mystery solved.

I spoke with several more people, like Ryan from Philly and her coworker Jon, whose URLs I can't remember because I am a bad, bad person. I did find another basketball fan, AJ, who is the founder of the popular basketball blog Hoops Writers. His blog was originally named Mad In March, but he was forced to rename it because he was sued by the NCAA (yikes!). He also has tickets to half of the Celtics games this season (so if you're reading this, AJ, and you ever need someone to bring to a game, look no further).

I still don't have a good answer to the question all bloggers ask each other: "So, what do you blog about?"

Many people are much more focused. They blog about technology, about writing, or even about identity theft. My response to the question generally went like this "Oh, I don't know, all sorts of stuff, I guess. It's a mish-mash (mish-mash!?! who says mish-mash? I mean, besides the elderly?). Things that I think are funny or interesting. Sometimes I write book and movie reviews. I like it when animals from different species are friends."

To cap off an already fun evening, the Red Sox won Game 2. Hooray!

P.S. I took that blurry photo of the Prudential Center last night. Whoever first did that back in 2004 was a genius!

P.P.S. Am I the only one who keeps thinking that the announcers are saying "Iraqis" whenever they say "The Rockies?"


Jenny said...

I SCREAMED "Did they just say IRAQUIS?!" at the bar last night. No one had an effing CLUE what I was talking about. THANK GOD you do!!

Sarah said...

Eileen it was so nice to meet you last night!! We must do this again!

AJ said...

How could I deny a fellow hoops fan tickets to the game?
We'll catch a game soon.

Anonymous said...

So, did you get any phone numbers or just URLs?

eileen said...

Anonymous, what happens at Blogtoberfest...oh, you know the rest.

Go Red Sox!
Beat Iraqis!