Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Report

Friday- Caro and I stopped by Open Studios in the South End and sort of crashed a party by accident. Realizing our mistake, and the fact that everyone else in the room was so weird (artist, but not in that edgy cool way, more in the freak way) that we seemed like oddballs due to our comparative normalcy. Then, I went home and watched Layer Cake. It's a fairly typical British mobster film. The protagonist is a clean cut cocaine dealer, who plans to retire and walk away from the business. Unfortunately, plans go awry as he ends up the targeted by a Serbian gangster, among other subplots. It's a stylistically pleasing and fun movie, and I always enjoy watching Daniel Craig, but overall pretty formulaic.

Saturday- Caro and I went hiking and climbed Mt. Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts at 3,491 ft. (oh, how Colorado laughs at our puny mountains!). It took us about 4.5 hours to get to the summit and back- that's including the hour or so during which we got lost. We were following the trail, and all of the sudden we were climbing through branches and over rocks and we realized that we hadn't seen a blue dot in a long time, and that we didn't seem to be on any sort of trail anymore. We backtracked and ran into some other hikers and told them about the disappearing trail. We formed a makeshift expedition party and went looking for the blue dots. Turns out that the trail crossed as stream that had risen due to recent rainfalls, and one of the other hikers spotted a blue dot on the other side, so we got back on track fairly quickly. We stopped at a pumpkin farm and a diner on our way home. I was exhausted, but stayed up to watch the Red Sox game with my roommate Ern. Here's a recap of the best moment of Game 6:
Bases loaded. J.D. Drew is at bat. Strike, ball, pause.
Me: J.D. Drew, if you hit a grand slam right now, all is forgiven.
Ern: I will forgive you! The City of Boston will forgive you!
Next pitch, he swings and BAM! GRAND SLAM!
Ern and I cheer and jump around and give each other sticky high fives because Ern was in the process of peeling apples for an apple crisp.
Sunday- Played soccer, worked, then watched Game 7. Holy crap! The Red Sox are going to the World Series!


Briana said...

Hey Leenie- I almost got into a fight with an Indians fan at the bar last night! Apparently, my loud cheering was "obnoxious."
Did you hear that fans insisted Tito put Ellsbury in for Crisp? The commentators said the blogosphere was going nuts for him. Not that I'm surprised.
I just found this bio:
He was drafted by the Buccaneers! turned them down. And he dressed up like Johnny Damon for Halloween in 04.
I'll be in SD with ERi this weekend. We'll call you.

LisaKate said...

See you at blogtoberfest...and they better have the game on??!!!

Kevin said...

Will your all-time favorite QB, Peyton Manning come back to haunt the Red Sox?

Did you know that Todd Helton was the backup QB at U Tennessee his freshman and sophomore years and then junior year he got to start, only to get injured and lose his job to Peyton? If he didn't get injured, who knows if Helton would be too busy being the Indy QB rather than the Colorado 1B?

eileen said...

Huh, I did not know that fun fact about Todd Helton.

Lis- yar, the game will be ON at blogtoberfest!