Saturday, October 13, 2007

My filthy mouth

Last week at work, my co-worker Vibhu and I decided to see who had more bacteria in his or her mouth. We each spit onto an agar plate and placed them in the incubator overnight. (oh, by the way, we're disgusting.) The verdict? Umm...I had WAY more bacteria in my saliva than Vibhu. We had placed a $5 bet on the outcome, but since he later admitted to using mouthwash that morning, I think it might have been a set up. Either way, I hope that you enjoy the photo of our oral 100% coliform-free!


Me said...

That is not only gross but absolutely BRILLIANTLY HILARIOUS!!!!

I want to work in a lab...the things you could do!

carmen said...

WOW!!! this is tasty.

Kevin said...

Hey ED, maybe that $5 wager would have been better spent on mouthwash! ;) Maybe Vibhu will buy you a travel size Scope with his winnings.