Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Midnight's Children Map

DCoE book club participant Caro has created a handy Google map, on which she has labeled (in green) several of the locations that appear in Midnight's Children.
Click on the map to enlarge it.
Oh, and apparently I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to major world events of the past few decades- I had no idea that Bangladesh was once part of Pakistan.
And on an entirely unrelated note, I'd just like to say that if I ever find myself in the (highly unlikely) circumstance that my famous public figure husband is caught in a prostitution sting, there's NO WAY in hell that I'd stand by his side during his apologetic press conference.


Anonymous said...

Never say never, girl.
When you love someone and he is pouring out his heart to you, asking for forgiveness, telling you it meant nothing and he loves only you...and you love him...God forgives us why would we not forgive each other?
It's true Hillary looked ridiculous when she stood by her man. I never thought she could possibly stay with him but she did and they appear happy now.
It doesn't seem like anything you could do, there is not only the hurt from the man's actions but then you add on to that the public humiliation...I don't know how women do it.
Mrs. V.

Maria said...

Thanks Caro for the map.

I too am I'm tired of seeing the wives standing by the side of these low life politicians, athletes, and religious leaders during news conferences. Clinton, Kobe, NJ Gov. James McGreevey, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, Iowa Sen. Larry Craig, Rev. Ted Haggard, and the list goes on. Would the man be by the women's side if the roles were reversed? Probably not.
Women are way too forgiving.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I bet you dollars to donuts that these wronged women met with a divorce lawyer prior to literally standing by their man and had their soon-to-be-ex sign away any claim to custody of children, as well as put in writing the exact dollar amount they will get upon the dissolution of the marriage.

At least that's what *I* would have done.

Aside to Mrs. V: no offense or anything, but look up "marriage of convenience" in Wikipedia and you'll see a picture of the Clintons there. Of course they look happy--to appear otherwise is political suicide.

ahd said...

Eileen I agree. How on earth did he get his wife to stand there with him?? I would NEVER do that.

J.R. said...

For the record... two of my best buddies are currently going through divorces... both wives cheated on them. One chose to split. One chose to try and work it out. In the case of the latter she had already checked out basically, and eventually it fell apart anyways. But men can stand by their cheatin wives too.

And by the way, how the hell was Bangladesh (which is separated from Pakistan by like a 1000 miles) ever part of teh latter?? Was this a Gaza strip and West Bank situation?

Anonymous said...

Just few weeks ago a hear about "the senator's wife" by Sue Miller. This is the new York times review:

Actually I think I am going to read this one


Kevin said...

Eileen, East Pakistan (Bangladesh) left West Pakistan in the early 1970s, before you were born, so I think you're excused.

As to how they used to be the same country, despite the geographical divide: when the Indian subcontinent got independence from Britain in 1947 they basically said "OK, Hindus to one side, Muslims to the other". And the mostly Hindu place was India and the mostly Muslim place was Pakistan (East and West). After 24 or so years of East and West Pakistan, they realized that the two parts had absolutely nothing in common (besides Islam) and broke up. Either that, or West Pakistan cheated on East Pakistan by getting jiggy with Afghanistan and East Pakistan (Bangladesh) decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

yes. informative post!