Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Report

My weekend was a busy one, filled mostly with work and errands, with soccer playing, family brunching, and two dinner parties squeezed in. (As for my stance on dangling prepositions? Firmly pro.) My friend Carolina's sister Luzma and nephew Daniel are currently visiting Boston, so I had them over for dinner on Friday night, along with some other Spanish speaking friends- Oscar, Ana, and JR (I needed another token American). Earlier in the week, I had trouble deciding what to make...I wanted to cook something typically American, but when I think of traditional American food, hamburgers and hot dogs are all that come to mind. Although I am certainly not above consuming processed meats, they didn't seem like an appropriate entree for the occasion. Inspiration struck when the latest issue of Cooking Light arrived- pictured on the cover was the ideal meal (rhyme alert!): Crab Cakes with Roasted Vegetables and Tangy Butter Sauce. Bingo! Although they took some time to prepare, they were very tasty, and using panko instead of regular breadcrumbs gave them a pleasant crispy texture. Here are photos of the model and the actual meals, plus a group shot:

The second dinner party of the weekend took place Sunday night at Caro's, where she and her boyfriend Jorg taught us all how to make sushi. It was a lot of fun and much easier than I imagined, as well as being delicious. I've been inspired and just may have to buy myself some sushi mats.

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