Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Nation!

Here are some inauguration links for your enjoyment:
2. I highly recommend this article from to anyone interested in science: The "war on science" is over. Now what?
"The Bush science controversies were just one manifestation of a deeper and long-standing gulf between the science community and the broader American public, one with roots stretching back to our indigenous tradition of anti-intellectualism."
3. On a lighter note, here's a NYT article on NBA players' reactions to Barack Obama, featuring Ray Allen.
4. Lastly, if you missed the pre-inaugural celebration, you can watch it on U2 certainly cheesed it up a bit, but there were a lot of nice performances. Oh, how great of a combo are Shakira and Usher? I want them to form some sort of international stylish musical crime-fighting duo.


Kris said...

Only 14% of people know a scientist? I find that crazy. I know like three!

Rob said...


brigita said...

Loves it!

Anonymous said...

I obamacized myself. President Fitty-Fo. I posted it on my facebook and I am tempted to get a t-shirt with me on it.

eileen said...

Re: the 14%... I think part of the problem when you ask someone if they know a scientist, they picture Albert Einstein or some eccentric genius mixing potions in his basement, rather than, say, someone they know who works at a biotech company.

I love all the Obamapics...they're all over Fbook today.