Sunday, July 19, 2009

DCoE Field Trip: Revere Beach

On Saturday, I decided to take a little trip to Revere Beach with Vibhu (who also participated in the last DCoE field trip) and some other friends. Believe it or not, in all my years as a Bostonian, I had never taken the blue line adventure to Revere Beach before. This weekend, the annual sand castle competition was going on, so that and a sunny day were all the motivation I needed. We stepped out at the Revere Beach T stop and crossed the street, and wow, it was like stumbling on to a little piece of the Jersey shore, right here in Massachusetts. Fried dough stands and jean shorts at every turn.
The sand castles were really cool, but there were far fewer than I had imagined- only about ten in total, so that was a little disappointing. I had also assumed that they would have some sort of nautical theme, you know, dolphins, mermaids, Poseidon, and the like, but most of them gave off a goth creepy vibe instead, with gargoyles and similar creatures. My two favorites:

After the sand castles, we trekked down the beach for a while to people watch and sample some of the traditional cuisine: slushies, pizza, ice cream, lemonade, and iced coffee. Oh, Bianchi's pizza place is hiring- but NO Pan Makers, so you can take your deep dish nonsense somewhere else. We then found our way to a bar called Boulevard, a total townie joint, with classic rock blaring, $1.50 Bud Light drafts, and a Photohunt game in the corner. Fortunately, the staff was friendly and the patrons didn't seem interested in beating us up. Boulevard earned bonus points for providing frosted glass mugs for our pitcher of beer as well as the complementary cheese doodles on our table. Bar snacks, how I love thee.
Overall, the trip to Revere Beach made for a great afternoon. It's easy to get there on the T, the beach itself is huge and well-maintained, and the people watching possibilities are second to none. I can't even begin to describe some of the spectacular outfits, hairstyles, and tattoos we observed. And I'd definitely make a second trip back to Boulevard.


mj said...

I went to Revere beach last year to see the sand sculptures. I sat on the wall by the beach and ate fried clams. Then got dived bombed by seagulls and ran away. During the chaos I somehow managed to throw away my Invisaligns. Luckily I realized my mistake a few miles away so I was able to turn around and dig through the trash and to find them.

eileen said...

Terrible! I always felt bad for the kids who threw away their retainers and then had to dig through the cafeteria trash.

Suldog said...

Revere is fun. I'd grab some Kelly's Roast Beef next time out. Awesome stuff (if you like roast beef, of course.)