Thursday, July 23, 2009


1. Over on Beer Crusade, after considerable prodding, one of the more daring reviewers tried Bud Chelada, which is Bud Light mixed with Clamato, a tomato and clam juice blend. Yes, that's clam juice and tomato juice. In your beer. Not suprisingly, it received the lowest rating possible.

2. The 9 Stupidest Products of All Time. Um, that electric face mask is the stuff of nightmares. (thanks, Court!)

3. GQ Regrets. A slideshow with some of the more unfortunate examples of men's fashion from decades past. (via MJ)

4. Here's a video of an atypical wedding entrance- who doesn't love a goofy dance routine? I especially liked the groom's entrance around the three minute mark. (via MetaFilter) Personally, I've always wanted to hear someone yell "Get a room!" during the solemn and romantic moment when the groom kisses the bride.

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