Wednesday, July 08, 2009


In case you're looking for something to read:

1. Okay, over on Basketbawful (my favorite basketball blog), the author has started publishing a short series chronicling his first semester of college, during which his randomly-assigned roommate turned out to be 7-foot European player on the D1 school's basketball team. The tales are absolutely amazing and both highly entertaining and well-written. A warning: the roommate is basically representative of the dark side of college athletics- he's a vile, spoiled giant who treats people (especially the girls he sleeps with) like dirt and gets away with it. But if you can stomach that aspect of the stories, they're fantastic. It's like a soap opera for men. I've sent the link to a few friends who are college basketball fans and we're all addicted.

2. As a former resident of Central America, I've been following the news from Honduras fairly closely. In case you're interested, this article from Slate is concise, informative, and does a good job of illustrating the complexity of the situation. At first I was like "military coup bad!" but then I found out that the deposed President was in the process of illegally attempting to modify the constitution in order to remain in power.

3. Obituaries are generally not described as delightful, but a woman in Ohio wrote her own, and it's wonderful. It makes me wish I had known her. My favorite line is the one in which she describes her son as "a sterling citizen who rose above his murky childhood with a scandalous mother."


Suldog said...

Magnificent obituary! I left a note there saying so. Thanks for sharing that with us.

eileen said...

Yeah, it's great! What a lady.

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