Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weekend Report: Part 1

Okay, here's a real post for once instead of a link and a song. I spent the weekend celebrating America's 233 birthday with friends in Newport, RI. Great company, great weather, great seafood, great drinks (and whooo boy, a lot of them) and great entertainment. The pinnacle of the weekend was a trip to the Newport Polo Club to watch a USA vs. Hungary polo match. In polo-themed outfits. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (well, minus the prostitution bit). We tailgated, we watched the horses, we stomped divots, we befriended the Hungarian national polo team, and we looked divine.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Polo Murders, a photo series.


miss newport said...

amazing weekend. amazing outfits. amazing friends.

jessica said...

amazing. Wish i could have been there! Looks like with forward planning you really kicked it up a notch this that you mingled with the players too!

Kevin said...

Loving the outfits - and the patriotic lobstah.