Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blogs on parade

Three friends with blogs:

Rice and Beans for Two. Who's that bad momma on a Harley? It's Mrs. V! Who not only rides a Harley, but also works at the CDC, making her the coolest mom in Hotlanta. Check out her photos from the big family bike trip out west.

Another V is on the scene- Carmen (or CAH-men, as I like to say it) has a blog documenting her pregnancy with a boy named Sue- the cradle will rock

And lastly but but not leastly (or beastly): Heidi has a blog filled with vegetarian recipes and her adventures in New Hampshire.


carmen said...

thanks for the shout out!!!

Maria said...

Did you see my mom's latest post of my dad and my brother-in-law exercising their second amendment rights? There's a photo of my dad with a very large and frightening gun.

eileen said...

I did see it and I love the one of your Dad...he kinda looks like Fidel Castro.

Mrs. V said...

Yeah, I had to post that he was going to hunt deer but that sure doesn't look like any rifle other hunters use to shoot a deer. It is a semi-automatic, something like the M-16 he used in Viet Nam. Geez, men and their toys!