Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three Things I Hate

1. When you wake up feeling really tired, and then you think "Sweet! It's Saturday. I can go back to bed!" In the next instant, your joy is crushed because you realize that it is Thursday.

2. When you make a lunch but forget it on the kitchen counter. I HATE that.

3. When you accidentally throw something away, and you have to dig through the trash to get it. Worse, when someone walks by and sees you digging through the trash. Worst, when it's a biohazardous waste bin you're digging through.

It's not shaping up to be a good morning, folks.

Bonus Thing I Hate: People who screw up pedestrian traffic. For example, one of the buildings at the Medical Center gets a lot of traffic through the front door. Constant streams of people flowing in and out. It's a relatively small double door, and everything runs smoothly until some lazy idiot coming out of the building walks out the door to their left instead of opening the door to their right. Then, the people entering the building either have to stop short, or swerve and go in the left side, and that screws up the other people trying to exit. Mayhem, I tell you. Who are these stupid motherfuckers? Hey, in America, WE STAY TO THE RIGHT.


brigita said...

Once people stop walking on the right, society begins to fall apart and THE TERRORISTS WIN! Seriously, that and every time someone gets to the top of the escalator and STOPS IN THEIR TRACKS it makes me wish I carried a pointy object with which to poke them along, like the cattle they are.

ern said...

something else i hate is when the hot water in your apt does not work!! and your roommate doesn't tell you! and you go for a run and are all sweaty! and you trip over your roommate's lunch, which has been left on the floor in a bag.

eileen said...

Oops, sorry, Ern! I did notice the lack of hot water but foolishly assumed it would be working by the time you showered. I left wicked early this AM.
And now I know where I left my lunch.

Megr said...

I hate when people don't stay to the right. I also hate it when people stand side by side on the escalator & don't let you walk up the side because their chatting. People are mean!

Mrs. V said...

I think it is the lefties, we have them on our campus, too, wanting to walk on their left....messes everything up. Even when it doesn't mess anything up but yourself it is annoying...move over, I'm coming....on the RIGHT!!! It's the rule of the land, (Coriolis Effect) like hurricanes only curve to the right in the northern hemisphere.