Sunday, September 03, 2006

Visited States

Here's where I've been:

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Wow, almost all of them! I hit the majority of them in three trips: a family train trip to Montana when we were kids (My parents are that 0.0002% of the population who enjoy train travel. I, however, do not.), a post-college road trip from Boston to New Orleans, which was my first big adventure south of Mason-Dixon, and my drive from Boston to San Diego last January. And yes, I insisted on a detour to Four Corners, because when I was a kid memorizing state capitals I thought it was SO COOL that you could be simultaneously be in four states at once, when in fact it is probably the most bleak, isolated, and boring national monument in the country (although I did lie down in the middle of four states and that was pretty cool).
I'm just missing a few in the central west part of the country, and I can't remember driving through West Virginia, although I'm fairly certain I must have at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I am certain that we went through West Virginia on some sort of family driving vacation. You can definitely add in.

Mike said...

Man! I've only had about 24 states. Too many plane trips, I guess. My parents idea of a distant car trip was Hershey Park in PA.

Tina said...

Uhm, traveling by train is the best!! Its the only form of transportation where you can get up and walk around freely without the damn seatbelt sign blinking in your face. And you don't need to arrive 2 hours early for a one hour flight. And it even has a restuarant/bar!! What more could you ask for??

Tina said...

PS Does it count if you've been in the airport?

Kevin said...

31 states plus DC for me. My parents also convinced us that Hershey Park was as far as the car could go without disintegrating! I'm up to 35 countries, though (these tiny European countries make it easy). I should add another 10-12 on our upcoming trip. I really need to get to Russia, though, to fill in the map nicely.

eileen said...

Yeah, we must have hit W.V. at some point. My family was all about long car and train trips, like the infamous road trip to Iowa in the Dodge Dart with no AC.
Tina, you must be thinking of European trains, because Amtrak blows...wicked long delays, uncomfortable seats, and slim pickings in the lounge car.

Kev, I only have 11 countries, so I'm way lagging in that category.

Tricia said...

Great link; thanks! (I posted mine on my blog; the US version looks pretty similar to yours).