Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Report

Friday- Went out to the Ground Round in Roxbury for drinks after work. A tad sketchy, but hey, pickings are slim around the Boston Medical Center. After that, I headed home and ate dinner with my roommate Ern. Then we drank two bottles of wine and gigantic rum drinks for dessert.

Woke up with a hangover, despite the fact that I didn't even leave the apartment after dinner. I recovered enough to go for a nice run on the beach. Have I ever mentioned how much I love living in Southie? I live six blocks from the beach. It's not exactly the Caribbean, but I'll take what I can get, especially on a beautiful autumn morning. Went to the lab for a bit, then Caro and I toured around the South End Open Studios for a bit, where I came to the realization that I am utterly and completely bourgeois. I couldn't look at a painting without immediately thinking "Wow, look how expensive it is! That's crazy!" After that, I watched a certain college football game that needs not be mentioned, then I went over Caro's for a dinner party (she posted photos).

Played soccer, ate fried chicken and drank rum drinks with Ern at Bob's Southern Bistro, and now I'm at the lab setting up some experiments for the week.


Megr said...

I love Bob's!

eileen said...

It was yummers- I want to go back at night sometime for one of the jazz shows.