Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Friday

It's a beautiful, sunny Friday in Boston, and spring is here: I had my first Iced Coffee of 2007 this morning. After I slept in and went for a long run on the beach. Simple pleasures for simple people.

Here's a couple of happy songs for a happy Friday (right click and save as):

Mr. Blue Sky, by Electric Light Orchestra (I'm getting Prog Rock on y'all.)

The Littlest Birds, by The Be Good Tanyas

and here's a funny picture Eri sent me this morning:

No interspecies friendships to report, but yes, oh yes, there's been another Fung Wah incident. *squeals with joy* (via Universal Hub)

I don't know why I love hearing about Fung Wah accidents, but I do.

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