Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Real March Madness

Has anyone else been following the crazy stories from the Cricket World Cup?

Since I work with several Indians, it's been the talk of the lab all week.

First, Bangladesh upsets India. Irate Indian fans destroy the house of star player Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who performed poorly during the game. This is the equivalent of Yankees fans trashing Derek Jeter's penthouse were he to strike out during a playoff game. And then burning him in effigy.

Next, World Cup newcomers Ireland defeat perennial power Pakistan on St. Patrick's Day.

Shortly thereafter, Pakistan's coach winds up dead.

And now, rumors are flying, as the death is ruled suspicious. Was Coach Woolmer murdered? Signs point to yes.


Kristine said...

I'm following it. It's crazy. The fans on the subcontinent take it a lot more seriously than any of the rest of us.

Rob said...

Yyyyyyep. It's murder.


eileen said...

Sounds like the plot of an Agatha Christie novel.

Anonymous said...

It's all the craze here. I never knew cricket was so intense. They thought Ireland would have no chance in hell. On any given day, the paddies will win!