Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Old school Boston commercials

By popular request, here's the famous I Can Walk Like a Penguin commercial for the New England Aquarium. I didn't remember the little girl being quite so spastic.

Also, in my faulty memory, the "what makes an ocean wave wave" boy appeared in the same commercial. Not true. Here he is, pimping the Museum of Science: It's fun to find out. Hah! When I was a kid, hearing my own voice on those phones freaked the hell out of me.


Rob said...

Good lord ... was that little girl plucked from the Junior Royal Shakespeare Company for this commercial?

I can picture how this shoot went:
Girl: Oh daddy, you've ... you ... HAVE ... you HAVE such great surprises. Can we do that again?
goes back to her trailer
YOUUUUUUU'VE such great ... no ... you HAAAAAVE such great. Ok, I got it. Let's do this.

And what's up with her posture at the end during the dolphin show?? Does she have a metal rod in her back?

eileen said...

I think they kids in the MoS commercial are much better actors. But penguin girl's brother is wearing a similar shirt to ocean wave boy. Maybe that's why the commercials had merged in my memory.

Kevin said...

I´m on a bad computer now so I could only watch the Aquarium vid with no sound, but it still cracked me up. The MOS commercials required Quicktime or something so I couldn´t see that. I had forgotten about the "ocean wave wave" commercial. Classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you; thank you; thank you!

Oddly enough, I had also mixed the two lines into one memory. I was explaining it to my girlfriend, when I remembered that the big ocean wave tank was at the Museum of Science, not the Aquarium. That got me wondering. I found the Aquarium commercial, and, sure enough, no "ocean wave".

No such luck finding the MoS commercial. I didn't even think to check their site.