Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day, Part II

Sunday- Ern and I headed to the new convention center to attend the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast run by State Senator Jack Hart. The annual roast features local politicians, including the mayor and the governor, who give comical speeches ripping on each other. Here's the Globe review. I've always wanted to go, so I was pretty excited to end up with tickets. Although we weren't able to stay for the entire thing, we did see Deval Patrick, who brought with him a scoreboard to keep track of how many times his car and the curtains were mentioned (he's been getting a lot of criticism from the press for the Cadillac and the statehouse redecoration). I think everyone took it easy on him due to last week's announcement that his wife is being treated for depression. It was a fun event, although it is strange to see elected officials joking and singing in public. On a presidential scale, Mitt Romney was thoroughly mocked in absentia, and democratic candidate Joe Biden made an appearance. (hmmm...trying to do damage control for his Obama comments?)

Since we didn't get to eat anything at the breakfast (only seated guests get food and we were in the standing room section), we stopped by Phil and Sue's for some delicious pancakes and bacon. Then, back to our place for the parade party. This year's was another success and shall go down in the history books as the year everyone came late and stayed late. Normally, the kegs are kicked and the party is over by 6 or so, but this one didn't even get wild and crazy until late afternoon. It was a long day full of drinking and dancing and friends and neighbors and scientists and whistles and firemen and good times.
Parade photos:

Party photos:


Maria's Mom said...

Look, green food you didn't have to dye!!! That broccoli was just about to bloom, did you know we only eat the flowers of the plant? Each head of broccoli is equal to one plant? I know because I grew broccoli one year in the backyard and was shocked when a whole row of broccoli gave me enough food for two meals!!

With all that snow you didn't need a keg bucket, did you find one?

And there is Maria with the shirt I made for her the year they celebrated St Paddy's Day in Savannah, right, Maria?

Eri said...

Hey! Gimme back my fig leaf!

ern said...

thanks to all who made the party the shitshow that it was! sorry about my over-enthusiastic whistling and pouring of jameson. my hangover is almost gone, though, so i've got that going for me.

mj said...

I loved all the whistles. It really made the party.