Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just reading this article made me crave DD's

The Boston Phoenix has an interesting article up about Boston's devotion to Dunkin Donuts, appropriately titled Choosing Our Religion: How one little post-war doughnut shop became synonymous with Boston’s identity.

How do I love Dunkin' Donuts? Let me count the ways....I love that they make your coffee for you (hey, if I'm paying for it, I don't want to put the sugar in myself. That's like making your own sandwich at a deli), I love that it's cheap and fast, I love that the coffee is weak and hot, I love a huge iced coffee on a hot summer day, I love a bagel sandwich on a lazy weekend morning, I love the commercials, I love standing in line with construction workers and executives, students and retirees, I love that the employees are employees and not "baristas," I love that they are omnipresent in this city, and most of all, I love the pumpkin muffins in the fall.

So, yeah, I'm the people that they're talking about in the article.

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