Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are you neurotic?

I'm currently fascinated by the website i am neurotic, where people submit their neuroses for posting. Some weird, some mundane, some crazy.

A lot of these make my own neurotic habits seem rather dull in comparison. For example, when at the grocery store, I absolutely must walk through the produce section first. I don't like to venture to new grocery stores because I am unsure of where the produce section will be.

If you have any strange habits you'd care to share, comment away!


E said...

I just had a discussion about grocery store technniques. I totally go up and down every aisle, esp in a store I am new to, this suprised some coworkers. Some people just grab what they want and jet.

e said...

I have another strange habit, that has led me to some uncomfortable situations. Every time I see Kobe or hear some sport announcer praising him, I throw up in my mouth.

Kevin said...

I thought most/all grocery stores put their produce sections first thing for subconscious/psychological reasons. First, all the nice colors entice you. Second, the produce is the freshest part of the store (much better than biscuits in a box that are 6 months old). Third, when you put produce in your basket/cart, it makes you feel healthier, which then allows you to put all the other crap food that you actually want in the same basket/cart and not feel as guilty about it.

Do some grocery stores not have their produce section first?

eileen said...

The big US grocery stores have multiple entrances, so depending on what door you use, you may or may not end up in the produce section.