Friday, June 20, 2008

One last Celtics photo

Here are Dennis and I on the floor of the Boston Garden, shortly after the trophies were handed out. Pretty awesome, huh?
Shortly after this picture was taken, I stood on top of a folding chair, the seat of which promptly flipped up and sent me crashing to the floor. Not so awesome. I was really embarassed, until I saw the exact same thing happen to like eight other people.
Happy Friday, everyone!
And for you non-NBA fans, I promise that this will be my last Celtics post for a while.


Mrs. V said...

Don't make promises you can't keep!!

eileen said...

hah! you're probably right about that.

HH said...

well i think it is very cool that you made 2 games in the finals - i'm jealous. i looked for you on tv but no luck :(