Thursday, June 05, 2008


I'm a sports fan, but basketball is my favorite sport, and the Boston Celtics are my all-time favorite sports team, and always have been.
As a kid, my parents used to take us to watch Celtics games from obstructed view seats in the old, sweaty Boston Garden. We could never get Lakers tickets, so we often ended up seeing the Clippers, who, by my mother's logic, were the closest substitute. If you had told me then that someday I'd watch the Celtics play the Lakers in the NBA finals, I never would have believed you. But tonight, I'm going to be there. And I can't wait.


Kelly said...

so glad you got to see a win, reen! i'm rooting for 'em... (HATE kobe)

hh said...

what a game - you msut be good luck! go celts!